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2000 Telly Award

Live from the Titanic

Television production house for the Titanic Expedition

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Titanic Expedition and Recover efforts

Classic was called upon to provide live coverage from the 1996 expedition at the site of the Titanic in the waters of the North Atlantic. Classic provided television production facilities and crew aboard the primary research and recovery vessel the "Nadir."

A production control room (with switcher, monitor wall, VTR's, audio mixer, audio and video replay, graphics, intercom, shortwave transmitter/receiver, micro wave transmission, and several standards converters for the NTSC/PAL content) was set up in a large shipping container stacked on the rear deck of the ship. Multiple camera locations were located on the vessel. A studio was created in a small lab area of the ship.

Cameras were also placed aboard the deep sea submersible the "Nautile" (the Yellow Submarine) providing expert commentary as scientist and expert observers viewed the wreckage of the historic ship some two and half miles below the surface. To accommodate the live expedition coverage for more than 6,000 guest visiting the site (including 5 Titanic survivors), Classic installed microwave transmitters and receivers along with large screen video projection aboard cruise ships and an executive yacht.

Documentary coverage of the preparation for the expedition and the six week voyage provided content for a variety of programming that followed. Classic's producer/director, Bob Anderson hosted the five day LIVE broadcast providing minute by minute coverage of the expedition activities.

The pioneering technology of deep sea acoustical audio and video transmission provided the first ever live imaging and commentary to the Nadir from the submersible Nautile as it surveyed the wreck site over 12,500 feet below. The submersible crew and a host of deep sea marine specialist conducted many scientific endeavors and discoveries along with the recovery of artifacts from what is know as the "debris field." The expedition recovered hundreds of artifacts that can be seen today in Titanic Exhibits that travel throughout the world today.

Much of the expedition and broadcast was focused on the efforts to recover "the Big piece," a massive 19 ton section of the Titanic hull. "The Big piece" was successfully harnessed by using the robotic articulating arms of the submersible, Nautile. The harness was then attached to a cluster of "lift bags" and raised to the within 200 feet of the surface. The dramatic recovery effort encountered the rage of a violent North Atlantic storm with near hurricane force winds and waves shearing "the Big piece" from its tethers. To the great disappointment to the expedition leaders and the many live viewing guests, "the Big piece" of the famed Titanic once again met the fate of sinking about 10 miles from the original wreck site. Great effort was taken to search out and re-discover the location of "the Big piece" which was successfully recovered in an expedition two years later and now is on display to the public at the permanent Titanic Exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

"Titanic Live"

A two hour edition of NBC Dateline / Discovery Special was the culminating broadcast of the 1998 Titanic Expedition.

Following the successful Live broadcast of the 96 Expedition, Classic was contracted as a Titanic Expedition Expert Broadcast consultant by RMS Titanic, The Discovery Channel and NBC to expand the live expedition broadcast to a two hour format network program. A gyro tracking satellite uplink linked the mid ocean Titanic wreck site to studios in New York. The program anchored in the studio, featured live dialogue and commentary from scientist and deep sea archeologist board the research vessel Nadir. A sonar and imaging scientist on board of the tiny yellow submersible, the Nautile," provided live dialogue and incredible video scenes of the Titanic remains via a five mile long fiber communications cable tethered to a surface vessel. A specially equipped recovery ship provided another site for the live broadcast as the world was given the first glimpse of the successfully recovered "Big piece" section of the Titanic hull.

"Deep Inside the Titanic"

Following the expeditions, Classic's Bob Anderson was called to co-produce with Discovery Channel's CEO Steve Burns, this award winning Discovery Special. "Deep Inside the Titanic" revels the events of the sinking of the Titanic on that cold April night in 1912 through the commentary of Titanic survivors from early recorded interviews discovered in British archives. Original photos of the elegant ship are interspersed with never before shared images of the same areas of the vessel as they exist today. These images captured nearly a century later through the advanced deep sea technology of small ROV's (remote operated vehicles) that ventured deep inside the tangled wreckage to capture the rare recordings of this famous ship. All of the key media elements for this special were recovered as a result of the research and scientific exploration of the preceding expeditions to the wreck site.

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