Studio Production


Classic Worldwide Productions' 25,000 square foot headquarters offers three studio / sound stages with full production and post production support all in one location.

TV Studio set design and rentals

Studio "A"
60' x 70' with 16' light grid and 19' ceiling
130' hard cyc (TV white)
120' black drape
Chroma-key green drape
36 channel light system (dimmers/control board and distribution)
Studio office/make-up room

Studio "B"
Insert studio ideal for 1-4 camera shoots
21' x 24' with 11.5' light grid
Standing set ready for live-shots

Studio "C"
14' x 22'

Classic offers a full range of production and post production support services, facilities and personnel. For studio productions of all sizes, this is your "one stop" shop from concept to completion for network quality media.

Complete set and prop support

60' x 70' Three wall hard cyclorama

Chroma key / virtual sets

Special effects

Studio A - 60'x70'

Studio B - 21'x24'