Remote & Mobile Production

Televison Remote Production 	 				services

Classic has truly lived up to its "worldwide" name by providing production services in more than 80 countries, producing events on many of the most prominent stages, in the world's largest stadiums and at major landmarks, and even giving new meaning to the concept of "remote productions" by taking cameras to environments where no one had ever been before.

Location television production services

Classic has earned a reputation for production quality and integrity by capturing the stories of many remarkable and historic events, while winning the confidence of a host of celebrities and international leaders with content that has impacted our world.

Television Live event facilities and support

Classic provides full mobile production event coverage for major league sports, concerts / entertainment, live television specials and teleconferences and more.

Internation remote video production companies

Custom designed portable air packages "fly packs" have provided multi camera coverage and single camera remote production in some of the worlds most desolate environments.