Classic's Portfolio

Classic has provided production services for some of the largest and most unique television projects ever broadcast, including such events as:

Video Production of Live Events

"The Next President"
a PBS special series with
host Sir David Frost recording
at the Oval office and homes
of the presidential candidates.

HD Video Production

The PBS series entitled
"Talking with David Frost" required recording on location with the most prominent leaders and celebrities of our time.

Classic at home with Elton John

The productions included recordings at the London home of entertainer Elton John, on the speed boat of president George H. Bush, in the war room with General Schwarzkopf in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the Desert Storm Conflict, and with dozens of other notable news makers.

General Schwarzkopf meets Patton Classic Worldwide video shoot with Nelson Mandela Video production of Clint Eastwood program by Classic Worldwide Productions