Interactive & Streaming Media

The interactive media technology available today allows the audience to be much more than just an observer... but to be engaged with content as if they were experiencing the activity as part of the cast.

Effective applications of interactive-video streaming have vastly multiplied the impact of the media message in education, entertainment, sales, marketing, influence and awareness.

Media is no longer just a tool to build an audience but to build relationships. Wireless mobile media now allows the content of the message to be continually available to the audience with individualized random access upon demand.
So what can all of this do for you?

Classic's experienced team can help effectively produce and place your message into the "main stream" of the global media market. Call (440) 838-5377

Classic Worldwide Productions' interactive and video streaming experience spans more than two decades. Classic has provided the "ringside" interactive experience for viewers around the world... during live expeditions and deep sea adventures... to corporate global associates meetings... and taking many sports, entertainment and conference events into the global media arena.