Captioning & Subtitles

Classic Worldwide Productions provides captioning and subtitling services for all tape and file based video formats. Captioning for individual spots, programs or episodic series can be coordinated to work efficiently with the requirements of a post production and distribution schedule.
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Captioning and Subtitling are used to expand the communication effectiveness of the message for some viewers. Captioning is also a federal requirement for some broadcast media outlets. Captioning most often refers to the encoded transcription of the program which is embedded into the recorded video signal. When the program is replayed for broadcast or viewing, a captioning decoder can be activated in the television receiver to show the text synchronized with the spoken word of the program. When the captioning decoder is not selected on the viewing screen the text will not be shown. This process of encoding the text and decoding at the viewer's discretion is called "closed captioning."

Subtitling is similar in that it is a text of the content but is visually recorded over the image and allows the audience to read along with the conversation as it is delivered on the screen. This is frequently used when translating the conversation of the program into another language more familiar to the viewing audience.

In general the concept of captioning is simple but putting it into effect can present production hurdles. The process begins by transcribing the program's spoken word and encoding the script. The script must then be synchronized with the program audio track and recorded in the video signal creating a captioned master. Duplication of the captioned master may require a variety of tape formats or file conversions depending on the distribution and format of each playback site.