HD Fiber – "The Switch"

Broadcast "LIVE" from Classic Worldwide Productions studios.

Video produced wtih Wayne Newton

Classic is the Cleveland, Ohio POP (point of presents) for The Switch international fiber optic communications network.

Call (440) 838-5377 to schedule a transmission time.

Transmissions from Classic are linked directly to media centers and satellite teleports providing global High Definition video connectivity.

Live fiber transmissions are frequently used by network news, entertainment, sports, corporate and business programs for interview segments with current news makers and expert contributors.

Many public relations efforts often use live fiber transmissions to facilitate vertical media tours. This allows a personality and/or product message to be featured on multiple media programs "live" and individually personalized to each community across the nation and the world within only a few hours... without requiring all the considerations of extensive travel.

Programs that are frequently linked with their guest or on occassion the national host in the the Classic studios include:

>> ABC – Good Morning America – Nightline – World News Tonight

>> CNN – Headline News

>> Fox News – Hannity – Your World with Neil Cavuto - O'Reilly Factor – On the Record

>> Fox Business

>> MSNBC – MSNBC Live – Tucker Countdown – Scarborough Country – Chris Mathews

>> NBC – The Today Show


>> NHK TV Tokyo, Japan

>> Bloomberg

>> Bloomberg Brazil

>> CTV Canada

>> CNBC Squawk Box Closing Bull

>> PBS The News Hour with Jim Lehrer

>> Sports Illustrated

>> BBC

>> Inside Edition

>> Entertainment Tonight

>> Current TV